Nobody has ever been born as a Sexydog. It is a skill, one that must be honed and refined. Being a Sexydog is not something that comes as naturally as breathing. Nor can a Sexydog be a Sexydog only half of the time. A Sexydog is a Sexydog all the time--at work, at play, and, of course, in his romantic exploits.

Do not despair! Although being a Sexydog is not easy, it is still possible for those who are willing to dedicate themselves to a life of Sexydogness.

We at Sexydogs.net will be the first to admit that we were not always the Sexydogs that we are today. In our youths we could not have imagined that we would be here today. We were first, but we will not be the last. This has become the most important thing in our lives and we would love to share it with you because we feel we have received so much from this.

As you view the rewarding information offered in the following pages, please keep one thing in mind: Sexydogs don't just live life by taking it for granted--we do it doggy style!!