Perhaps the first to truly realize what it meant to be a sexy dog, Eric has always had the suave and smooth moves that can truly make one sexy. Though he is a highly-paid professional, Eric still knows how to make a woman feel true excitement. His wild life cannot be stopped by simply moving into the corporate world. On the contrary, the corporate world should be preparing itself to join the One Night Spam.
As a college student, Eric worked diligently to develop the smooth moves that have made him infamous the world over. His worldly travels have helped him create unique abilities that set him apart from all of his peers. If you are a woman talking to Eric, be sure to ask about his patented 'lap dance'. In short, though Eric has moved up in the world, he has still never failed to please.
Sex Symbol? Just maybe.
Corporate Citizen? Could be.
Sexy Dog? You'd better believe it.

Eric is a sexy dog. Email him